Turn your iPad into a scanner with iConvert


Nowadays, keeping a scanned copy of an important document in your tablet has become very useful. We have had several apps previously for an Android based device that would convert it into an scanner of sorts and helps the user to click photos using the rear camera of the device and convert it into a scanned image of a document.

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How to turns iPad into a scanner with iConvert:

However if your device does not have a rear camera then? Don’t panic there is still a device that would convert your iPad or iPad2 into a scanner, we are talking about the new device that has been developed by the Brookstone electronics, which is capable of converting your device into a scanner by just fitting your iPad or iPad2 into the dock. This device is compatible with both the versions of the iPad- the iPad and the iPad2.

The iConvert features a front feeder which can be adjusted from 2 inches to 8½ inches wide, so that you will be able to fit many important papers and photos into it. You just have to place your iPad on the scanner and you will get step-by-step prompts such as “scan”, “save” or “delete”.

The iConvert Scanner for iPad is the very definition of simplicity. You simply dock your iPad or iPad 2 onto the sleek device, fire up the iConvert iPad app, and feed your documents into it. Afterwards the scanned high-resolution 300dpi document can be saved on the iPad or emailed like any other document. This level of ease-of-use could actually make scanning a bit fun again.

The iConvert scanner shall go on sale in the coming month of February with the $150 price tag to go along.

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iConvert Scanner for iPad or iPad 2 Video from YouTube: