Loop Frame: The smart digital frame that connects your family


Loop Frame is a one-of-a-kind smart digital frame that allows you to instantly share pictures and videos with your family from anywhere in the world.

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Now, you can text your photos and videos to your Loop Frame to instantly share them with your family. Loop Frame is the ONLY digital frame that you can text photos to, allowing you and other family members to add photos to Loop without even needing to use the Loop app.

You can easily sync Loop Frame with both Apple and Google Photos to keep everything in one place. You can even stream photos and videos from Facebook, Instagram, and Adobe Lightroom.

The Loop Frame features convenient touchscreen capabilities, so you can “like” photos, change the settings, and more – even if you don’t have your phone nearby!

Loop Frame’s design takes the opposite approach of the original Loop and aims to blend in rather than stand out. Its traditional photo frame design looks good with any decor and fits right alongside other picture frames in your home.

The smart digital frame comes with bright 10.1″ touch screen IPS display showcases your best photos and is suspended within a deep grey frame. The back features a high gloss surface with a polished emblem and bronze metal stand to make Loop feel as special as the photos displayed on it.

The Loop app is the perfect way to share all of your memories with your family in one place. It’s a super intuitive and modern app that lets you control Loop 2 from anywhere and curate content on the fly.

All of the pictures you and your family share are put into a feed within the app. It’s like your own, private Facebook feed. You can “like” photos, add comments or even react with simple emojis.

Invite your entire family to join.

Invite the whole family in seconds. Using the app, simply text or email a unique link to your crew so they can send photos to Loop 2 from anywhere in the world.

Get notified of what’s happening in the family.

You get notified whenever new pictures are shared or someone adds a comment. You can even get notified when mom or grandma likes a photo on their Loop 2! It’s an easy way to keep everyone in the Loop.

Organize your photos into channels.

Channels are like “Slack for your family.” Create and name channels and then invite family and friends to it. Everything you post in the channel will display on Loop 2 and everyone invited to the channel will see it within the app. You can even add multiple channels to your Loop 2!

Remotely control your Loop 2 from anywhere.

All of Loop 2’s settings are controlled within the app. Set schedules to turn Loop 2 on and off, adjust the screen brightness and more – all from your phone! The best part? You can control Loop 2 from anywhere.