Find Everyone You Can’t Google or Facebook


Today social networking sites are most popular craze to find everyone like our classmates, which of our friends are single, or live in New York, sometime Google and Facbook can’t help us but Ark People Search can., Ark People Search, Search for people

Today Y Combinator-backed sails into private beta in hopes of becoming the best place on the web to do people searches. is a search engine for people. With Ark, you can search for new people, old classmates, new business contacts, and even your friends. It is also got filter sets for easily discovering old classmates and new business contacts.

With a variety of layer-able filters, Ark lets you search through public profiles and the private data of your friends across Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and other networks. index 1 billion+ profiles across the top social networks from many countries, providing the largest unified social graph in the world.>

Why’s tag line is Search for people it can prove that. You can find new people. Reconnect with old classmates. Make new business contacts. Search your friends easily with Ark People Search.

Find new people: Search 1 billion+ people based on more than 30 filters, such as location, high school, college, employment, interests, and more.

Find old classmates: Ark is the best way to find and re-connect with old high school and college friends.

Expand your network: Find and connect with experts and expand your business network.

Search your friends: Quickly search many qualities about your friends on your social networks.

Screenshot of Ark People Search:, Ark People Search, Search for people