Christmasville: Missing Santa Top Christmas 2012 Android App


With great graphics, comical dialog and overall great gaming experience for kids, Christmasville was definitely a must have. Get ready for a magical plot twists and encounters with the fairy tale characters, because the first person you will meet will be the Abominable Snowman! The poor fellow so concerned about the disappearance of Santa that he is ready to go to search for him at the North Pole.

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The Christmasville consists of many types of puzzle so you’ll always have to stay on your toes. Puzzles include finding missing objects in the room, where the collection of objects to find is listed in the sidebar, looking for the same objects but this time using the object outline as the hint, rather than the word, and several more.

The Christmasville will appeal to everyone who loves intriguing stories and good humor and its graphics were beautiful. The characters all had very distinct personalities, and the backgrounds were well done.

To understand what happened, you’ll need to use your head, gather important clues, solve puzzles and riddles, and read all of the encrypted notes from Santa.

Features of Christmasville missing Santa App:

  • Lots of mini games and puzzles
  • Enchanting story with sparkling humor
  • Great graphics and exciting gameplay
  • Lots of fabulous characters
  • Wonderful musical accompaniment

The good:

  • The graphics are pretty decent
  • Stunning traditional graphics brings the Christmas theme alive
  • An adorable, themed hidden object game
  • Accessible gameplay for young and old alike
  • Intriguing story line
  • The storyline is cute
  • Merry mini-games
  • Wonderful music

The bad:

  • Finding items on the same stage over and over could grow tiresome
  • Voice overs – found in other Nevosoft games – would work really well here
  • You can only play the first few chapters free, after that you have to use an in-game purchase to upgrade, or use special offers, which didn’t credit for me.

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