Best 7 Video Player apps for your Android phone


In the Android Market, many different apps available for any single task, the user not gets confused of what to download and which is better than others. Here I am going to help you find the best video player apps available from the Android market.

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The list contains the top 7 video players apps of the Android Market.

1. Vital Player:

The Vital Player utilizes software which supports all video and audio codecs, and provides a smooth experience of watching video on Android phone. It allows you to resume watching previous clips if you accidentally exited the app as well as capture screenshots, share files, adjust the brightness and stream content through HTTP or RTSP protocols. Supported versions include Android 1.6 and up.

Price: Free
Download Link: Vital Player

2. MX Video Player:

The MX Video player lets you scroll through the subtitle text and automatically adjusts the playback position accordingly. Also, you can zoom in or out while watching a video through multi-touch gestures. MX Video Player is compatible with smartphones on OS 2.1 and later as well as Honeycomb devices.

Price: Free
Download Link: MX Video Player

3. Real Player Beta:

The Real Player, its Android sibling has a handful in offerings which include an intuitive user interface, widgets, content folder selection and a playlist editor. And also it is capable of displaying content in any format. Real Player Beta supports Android 1.6 and future releases.

Price: Free
Download Link: Real Player Beta

4. Rock Player Lite:

If you want to enjoy all formats video on your Android, then this is the best player for you. The Rock Player Lite is a high performance video player which supports almost all formats. Rock Player Lite supports Android 1.6 and higher versions.

Price: Free
Download Link: Rock Player Lite

5. QQ Player:

QQ Player is rightly made for you to enjoy videos on limited resources and smaller screens. It is supporting most popular video formats such as AVI, MP4, 3GP, MKV, MOV and many others. QQ Player is compatible with devices running on the Android 1.5 OS or later.

Price: Free
Download Link: QQ Player

6. Mobo Player:

The Mobo Player is a most popular video player in the Android market. It supports for subtitle file such as SRT, ASS and SAA as well as others that are built in various formats like MKV, MPV, MOV and many more. The Mobo Player is compatible with devices running on the Android 1.6 or later.

Price: Free
Download Link: Mobo Player

7. VLC Direct:

The VLC Direct is easy and powerful Stream Client and Server application. It is the only application of the entire market that can stream videos and music in both ways: i) From Computer to Android ii) From Android to Computer

Price: Free
Download Link: VLC Direct

If I have missed out on some of your favorite apps. So, don’t forget to let us know of your opinion in the comments section below.