Anti-Terror Shooter: Free Android Gaming Apps for Download


Android games have been known to become extremely addictive and Android games will surely keep you refreshed and entertained. So, we bring here a Anti-Terror Shooter Free Android Gaming Apps that you should definitely play.

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Anti-Terror Shooter is a free Android gaming applications where you will portray as an elite shooter and will have to use your gun to shoot down all opposition in various fighting areas and try to survive.

Review of Anti-Terror Shooter Android App:

The war has begun, your are surrounded by your enemies. Save you self from their attack and at the same time finish them off.

The Anti-Terror Shooter game is better than most shooter games on the market with 5 levels displayed a little sluggish great graphics with four kind of selected weapons offered.

You play as an elite sniper so use your gun to shoot down all enemies in various fighting areas and try to survive in the gun battle area.

The Anti-Terror Shooter Game Average rating is 4.2 out of 5.

How To Play Anti-Terror Shooter:

  1. Select a gun, sim and shooting
  2. Bullet will be auto-loaded, when loading, you can’t shoot
  3. Sniper gun can used to shoot remote enimies, and can not shoot one bullet at one time
  4. watch out your health, when come to zero, you lose
  5. Four kinds of gun can be selected, read the instruction, learn more about your weapons
  6. Three mode provided, you should start with easy, 5 fighting areas available for now
  7. After you finished, you can commit your score and compare with other players all over the world

Anti-Terror Shooter Android Game play Trailer Video from YouTube:

You can download the Anti-Terror Shooter Android App from right here.