Top 10 Tech Gifts for Christmas 2012


It’s that time of year again! Make your list, check it twice, and dive into these cutting-edge gifts for the nice techies in your life. The best gifts in life will never be discovered under a Christmas tree! Because those gifts are our friends, family, kids and the one you love. Have you any idea about best Christmas gift? Until now, you are getting confused in so many gift choices. If so, then it’s a time to surprise your geek with best technical gifts in this holiday season.

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We could have had a very long list of our favourite bits and pieces that we’ve seen, reviewed and wanted to own over this past year, but after much deliberation here are our Top 10 Christmas Gifts choices for this year. There is a wide assortment of things so we hope you will find something suitable to give.

iPod Nano 7th Generation

Aside from the larger “smart” media players such as the iPod Touch and Samsung Galaxy players, the Nano has got to be the best MP3 player out there, hands down. The newest version has been designed with a home button and touchscreen like the iPod Touch, but is still dinky and light, making it perfectly pocketable and ideal for that person who loves to run or hit the gym. Pick out a colour to suit them from a choice of slate, silver, purple, pink, yellow, green, blue or red.

Kingston Wi-Drive Hard Drive

Not all of the gadgets we own such as smartphones and tablets have enough storage for all the content we want to carry around. If this is the case then the Kingston Wi-Drive will make a great present. The drive is about the size of a typical smartphone and therefore really portable and unobtrusive.

The device is a cheap and easy way of adding 16GB or 32GB of storage to the devices you carry around. As you can probably guess from the name it uses WiFi to stream content, which it can do to multiple devices at once.

It won’t stop you from connecting to a WiFi connection for internet access while in use and gave us an impressive four hours of battery life. The Wi-Drive is compatible with several operating systems including IOS, Android and QNX. There’s only a specific app for IOS but one for Android is on its way.

Google Nexus 7

For us, the Nexus 7 is still the undisputed king of the smaller tablet world. Apple may have launched the stylish iPad Mini, but we feel that for the money the Nexus 7 will win over many. Its gorgeous HD display makes it ideal for watching TV and movies, while its fast quad-core processor makes it a portable games console in its own right.

The machine weighs 340g and has the 1280 x 800 HD display with 216 ppi. It also features a comfortable design, great battery life and complete and open Android 4.2 environment.

The Nexus 7’s design and build quality belie its price tag, especially now that you can get the 16GB version at the same price the 8GB version used to be.

iPad 3

Introduce a tablet into your home and experience the sleekest features it has to offer. The latest iPad features a wide-range of performance upgrades, including a high-resolution retina display, 5 megapixel iSight camera, 1080p video recording and Siri-like voice dictation. The iPad 3 is rated as number one for the most-wanted technology gift this Christmas season, and why not enhance your life with this digital innovation?

If the tech lover in your life is really deserving, wrap up an Upstand by Just Mobile and give the brand-new iPad a proper resting home. Whether resting vertically or horizontally, you can set your iPad in the kitchen as a recipe book, on your coffee table as a movie screen or in your home office as a computer.

SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip

SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip is also counted in the affordable tech gift….as it can be ideal gift for bikers, joggers, commuters, and other active music lovers who want to enjoy music on the go. One best thing about this accessory is that, it is available in 4GB and 8GB, so that you can store thousands of songs.

The small LCD screen makes it much better than screen-less iPod shuffle. It has also built-in FM radio, microphone, and stopwatch and even it is compatible with range of audio formats, including AAC. You don’t worry about the price of this amazing device because it is offered with price tag of $38.

Xbox 360’s Kinect

Xbox 360’s Kinect is the latest gaming trend to top Nintendo’s Wii. Its state-of-the-art motion-control technology raises the bar on virtual gaming and interaction. Free of any hand-held controllers, you experience the game through full-body movements. The whole family creates Avatars that are activated and recognized by hand movements and voice commands. Is your son addicted to Angry Birds? Is your husband a soccer fanatic? Does your daughter love to dance? Kinect gaming will transform how your family plays and entertains starting this holiday season.

When you connect Kinect with Xbox LIVE, your family can also control Netflix movies and Hulu Plus shows all through the sound of your voice. Forget hand-held controls — get into the action with voice control and special moves. If you’re unsure about what games to stuff in stockings, recommends “Child of Eden,” “Dance Central 2,” “Double Fine Happy Action Theater” and “Fruit Ninja” Kinect.

Sony USB Portable Power Supply

Just about all gadgets charge via a USB cable, so this battery pack is ideal for emergency top-ups. It’s small enough to carry in a bag or pocket. All you need is a USB cable, and you can connect the Portable Power Supply to charge a smartphone, tablet or an e-reader on the move. The 2,000mAh battery can charge an iPhone to almost 100 percent.

Samsung Galaxy S3

If you are looking for a smartphone to give to your friend as a Christmas gift, Samsung Galaxy S3 will be your best choice. It runs in with dimensions of 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm and weighs only 112g. The Galaxy S3 is also designed with the latest version of Android, a whole suite of Apple-beating features and a whopping 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen. The handset sits in the mid-range price bracket, costing $549 for the 8GB model.

Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire HD is an affordable gift that your favorite bookworm or movie fanatic will love opening this holiday season. Known as “the world’s most advanced 7-inch tablet,” Amazon’s Kindle Fire features stunning 1280 by 800 HD display, exclusive Dolby audio and dual-band/dual-antenna Wi-Fi for fast downloads and dependable streaming.

With this tablet, you’re getting high-quality and fluid performances every time you watch movies or play games. With its rich color and deep contrasts, the Kindle is a remarkable digital experience right in the palm of your hands.

Belkin CushDesk

Using a laptop on your lap is convenient, but it might not be the best idea for your health. Some laptops become dangerously hot in use, and you can develop neck- or wrist strain from adopting an awkward typing position.

The CushDesk goes a long way to solving both problems, with a cushioned base and a hard top on which to rest laptops with screens up to around 16in. It’s available in a variety of colours.