The Best External Hard Disk And SSD To Buy For 2021


Are you running out of hard drive storage? Need to back up your photos and videos? Most new computers don’t come with much storage space unless you’re splurging on a high end model — usually, you’re going to get 256 or maybe 512 gigabytes. External hard disks are the quickest way to extend the data storage capacity of your device, or one can also use it as portable storage.

Best External Hard Disk, External Hard Drive

Game consoles such as the PS4 and Xbox One include drives that have 1 terabyte of space (which is roughly 1,000GB), but those max out easily if you don’t remember to take games off the drive as you add more to your collection. Adding the best external hard disk could be a good storage solution which you can rely on for your data storage needs.

What is an External Hard disk?

The external hard disk can be HDD (Hard drive) or SSD (Solid State Drive). It is connected to the computer externally through a USB cable. The external drive is working as the supporting drive for the computer to store the important data, or creating the backup for the data permanently.

External Hard Disk Price

External hard disks offer unmatched portability and offer copious amounts of storage space making them the most popular method of data storage for a wide variety of consumers ranging from businessmen to content creators. This list contains a list of best external hard disks that are currently sold. Most Popular hard drive in this category is Seagate Hard Disk 1TB.

1. Toshiba Canvio Advance 2TB

Best External Hard Disk, External Hard Drive, Toshiba Hard Drive

The Toshiba Canvio Advance 2TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (Black) allows creators to do what they do best–anywhere their lives take them–offering high storage capacity, quick access to your stored content and the time-tested reliable performance they need. Plus, it is backed by a 2-year limited warranty, so you can feel confident to create wherever inspiration moves you.

The Toshiba Canvio Advance features a sleek design that comes in a variety of vibrant colors to fit your personal style. It also offers easy-to-use software (available via free download) for your PC to help keep your files protected.

The Portable External Hard Drive comes with USB 3.0 technology, Canvio Advance portable hard drives are far faster than—but still compatible with—USB 2.0 devices, allowing for speedy transfer when organizing your files.

2. Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable Hard Drive (Black)

Best External Hard Disk, External Hard Drive, Seagate Hard Drive

The Seagate Hard Disk 1TB can boost your laptop’s performance by letting you store heavy files in it. You can also store all your music files, videos, photos, and other important files as well.

The Seagate Backup Plus Slim external hard drive offers a simple, one-click solution to protect and store your digital treasures on a single device. Sporting a 12.1 mm thin body this sleek device makes it extremely convenient to carry in your laptop bag or backpack. With 1 TB storage capacity, you can store a wide variety of data – from movies to work files.

All your photos, movies, and videos can be backed up using the downloadable Seagate dashboard software, including the ones you’ve shared on Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube. Run a one-click backup or schedule an automatic backup plan to protect your files on your Backup Plus Slim Portable Drive at your convenience.

The Seagate backup plus software is the simple, one-click way to protect and share your entire digital life. At 12.1 millimeters thin for up to 4TB of capacity, it’s ready to take with you and go.

The portable hard drive offers High-speed USB 3.0 and 2.0 connectivity offers plug-and-play functionality on your PC without the need of an external power supply.

3. WD 2TB My Passport Portable External Hard Drive(Black)

Best External Hard Disk, External Hard Drive, WD Hard Drive

Every journey needs a passport. The My Passport drive is trusted, portable storage that gives you the confidence and freedom to drive forward in life. With a new, stylish design that fits in the palm of your hand, there’s space to store, organize, and share your photos, videos, music, and documents. Perfectly paired with Western Digital backup software and password protection, the My Passport drive helps keep your digital life’s contents safe.

Make sure everything you create while on your own life journey – photos, videos, music, and documents – doesn’t get lost. The My Passport drive comes equipped with WD Backup software that can be set to run automatically to your schedule.

Keep your digital life’s contents secure with My Passport password protection and built-in 256-bit AES hardware encryption. Just activate password protection and set your own personalized password using WD Discovery.

There’s no telling what’s ahead in your own journey. That’s why WD builds drives to demanding requirements for durability and long-term reliability.