My Book Live: Review of Western Digital Personal Cloud Storage


How would you like to access your files anywhere in the world without having to carry around a bulky external hard drive? Well, that is exactly what Western Digital offers tablet and Smartphone users with its new My Book Live.

External Hard Drive, My Book Live, Personal Cloud Storage

You can access your files at home or away with your Mac, PC, smartphone and iPad. Stream videos, music, and photos to your connected TV, game console or media player with the My Book Live.

The applications of the My Book Live are limitless, and it might possibly be the product that introduces the next generation of storing and accessing digital files.

Once hooked up to a wireless router, you can access your files on any iOS or Android device anywhere in the world, with the specially crafted WD2GO app. Users have a choice of storage capacities ranging from 1TB to 3TB, granting an immense amount of personal cloud storage, whether it is for business or pleasure.

So get ready to say goodbye to your memory woes, because with Western Digital’s My Book Live acting as your own personal cloud storage, being on-the-go just got better.

The good: The Western Digital My Book Live NAS server is easy to use, fast, and affordable. It also comes with mobile applications to share photos on the go.

The bad: The WD My Book Live’s hard drive can’t be serviced by users, and there’s no USB port to add more storage. The device lacks common features found in many NAS servers, and its MioNet remote access solution is nearly useless.

System Requirements for My Book Live:

  • Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, or Lion
  • DLNA/UPnP enabled devices
  • Internet connection for remote access

Supported Browsers for My Book Live:

  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher
  • Safari 4.0 or higher
  • Firefox 3.6 or higher