The Revamped Google+ is Super-Fast, Lightweight and Very Responsive


It’s pretty simple really. Besides some minor visual changes, the new Google+ is centered around the two most popular network elements: communities and collections. Communities are just what you think they are and collections let you group messages, you guessed it, a collection of similar positions.

Google, Google Plus

Those changes may not appear to exactly like rocket science, but stripping Photos earlier this year and before which show that Google Hangouts is clearly not satisfied with the condition of Google+. Read Google’s official statement on the changes, it is clear that these most recent changes are designed to appeal existing G + users, not attracting new.

If you had tried accessing the previous version of Google+ on a slower internet connection, you’d fast to realize how the new version has improved when it comes to loading. You will often find yourself having to wait for the home feed to load, but this is no more. Google has finally worked into removing the bloat that slowed down the load times of the app’s main page via web browsers.

Google+ is now super-fast and extremely lightweight

In the new edition of Google+ for web, you’d agree that the load time has improved greatly. The feed loads faster than you can expect and now these problems are no more. For so many years, it has been almost impossible to associate the search engine giant’s social networking platform with the word ‘fast’.

Previous Google+ page was a complete nightmare to load. I am bound by a slow stupid 512Kbps connection, and if you have already tried to check Google+ on a slower connection than a few Mbps, you would have a different perspective on life. Meanwhile the power to the house to load in previous years, I wondered about the meaning of life, annoying my chance to be born in a country with such slow ADSL speeds, I thanked my lucky stars to have access to an internet connection to start, I wanted to crush my computers and routers, I laughed and teared and played some basketball and eating falafel and distributed some prescriptions to my patients I did an introspective reflection, watched half an episode of Brooklyn Nine Nine, more.

There is more to this information available via the official Google Developers website as the team tries to explain the rationale and methods for some of the made changes in the new version. According to Google, the new weight of the app’s home page has reduced from a massive 22.6MB to just 327KB. The request count now stands at 45, down from 251 while the average load time for a given page has shifted from 12 seconds to just 3 seconds. Can you imagine what these improvements mean to someone using a slow internet connection?

Sacrificing functionality for speed

With every improvement, it seems there is some downside alongside the development. In this case, while there are huge improvements in the load time speed of Google+, lots of functionality and usability capabilities have been stripped from the app to give room for these improvements.

In the new version, for instance, for one to interact with a post, s/he needs to click first in order to open it. This means that for you to read a full post, comment, plus, report or edit it, among other interactions, you will have to do a lot more than before. However, there is word that these features might show up in the app’s home feed once the company is done with the roll out.

And now? It is like night and day. I used the trick highlighted in our article to force the new page and splashing, feeding of the house was there. I am stunned. Google+ is fast. These two words were an oxymoron for so many years. But now that the problem has disappeared, when will I find the time to eat my falafel, Google?