Facebook.com: Hide online status for selected friends


If you don’t want to be seen online status by almost every Facebook friends. So, Here is a some of the common simple but useful Facebook tips and tricks, that you, as a hardcore, or even casual Facebook user should know.

Facebook.com, Facebook Chat, Hide online status

Hide online status or show offline status for selected friends in Facebook chat. This is not a hard work just you have to do some simple steps but most of the persons don’t know about that.

So, Here We come with detailed How to hide online status or show offline status for selected friends on Facebook.com by doing the following steps.

  1. In the very beginning after open Facebook account, Go to your Facebook Chat.
  2. Click on friend list.
  3. Create a new list and name it Block-list or whatever creative name you have for the people you don’t want to see your status.
  4. Add those friends that you want to appear offline most of the time.
  5. When you sign in, hover your mouse to the green icon next to the list then click Go offline.

So the perfect solution is that hide your online status from Facebook chat with those persons. Let’s get started.