Dell 27 Curved Gaming Monitor Review: 1080p VA Ultra-Thin Bezel Monitor


The Dell S2721HGF is a lovely 27-inch curved monitor that acts as a good entry point into vivid gaming displays for those on a tight budget with 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution, a 144Hz refresh rate and a 1 millisecond response time. It also has AMD FreeSync Premium capabilities, which can lower latency and reduce screen tearing.

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The display size, also known as viewable image size (VIS) is the physical size of the area where videos are displayed – not the monitor case itself. The size of a screen is the length of its diagonal, which is the distance between opposite corners, usually in inches.

The Dell Curved Monitor design isn’t particularly unique as it resembles a business monitor thanks to its all-black style and lack of distinct design features. However, this minimalistic aesthetic is still satisfying, especially if you don’t want to be distracted by something overly extravagant.

The stand resembles a baseball field diamond and takes up only 9 inches of space from side to side, giving you more room to fit it on small desks or in tight spots. The base of the stand is thick, which is a good thing as it makes the monitor feel sturdy.

The new distinct, gaming-centric design favors a bolder look and gaming features that offer both functional and aesthetic benefits for gamers. The Dell S2721HGF boasts relatively thin bezels, although the bottom bezel is double the size of the others. This bottom bezel also features the standard Dell logo in the middle.

There are no other buttons or symbols on the front of the monitor, although a power indicator sits beneath the bottom bezel towards the right. The display can be tilted upward by 21 degrees and very slightly downward by -5 degrees. The height can also be adjusted by 4 inches.

When you turn the Dell Gaming Monitor around, you’ll be greeted by an arrangement of black vents that allow for the monitor to circulate air and disperse heat. Below these vents sits an arrangement of ports, and behind this looms a 13-inch stand slotted in the middle of the monitor.

Dell Gaming Monitor Key Features

  • Immersive action: Explore new worlds on an expansive 27″ Full-HD display with remarkably vivid visuals that draw you deeper into the game. The 1500R curved screen creates a more realistic field of vision for an incredibly immersive viewing experience.
  • Expansive views: Game with minimal distractions and a larger surface area thanks to a 3-sided ultrathin bezel.
  • Seamless speed: Enjoy smooth performance during high-speed action thanks to an incredibly fast 1ms Moving Picture Response Time (MPRT) that eliminates motion blur.
  • Rapid responsiveness: An impressively speedy 144Hz refresh rate allows fast-moving visuals to be seen with incredible clarity so you can react quicker.
  • Customize every advantage: Three user-defined profiles give even more personalization options. The Timer, FPS Counter and Dark Stabilizer let you manage everything from frame rates to brightness to shadow control.
  • Flicker free: Controlling the brightness using a direct current enables a flicker-free screen, giving you a more comfortable viewing experience.
  • Less strain: The ComfortView feature reduces harmful blue light emissions, significantly reducing digital eye strain.