BlackBerry Mini Keyboard: Review of PlayBook Mini Keyboard with Convertible Case


Research In Motion has launched, The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard with Convertible Case for the BlackBerry PlayBook. It is a with Convertible Case just tweaked in various areas with a stand and Bluetooth keyboard/track-pad combo and it brings a high-end faux-leather feel and a well-designed keyboard for the PlayBook.

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard, PlayBook Mini Keyboard

It is a new, integrated solution that provides a beautiful keyboard, folding case and a multi-touch touch-pad, allowing users to get additional screen space rather than using the on-screen keyboard and offering a multi-touch control touch-pad for additional navigation controls.

The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard case, which doubles the thickness of your BlackBerry tablet, is well-built, has a black leather finish and when closed resembles an A5 sized Moleskine notepad. Like other tablet-and-case combos from Belkin and Tagus, this product squeezes a full QWERTY keyboard and protective cover into a tiny footprint to match the PlayBook’s small size.

The keyboard itself is just a quarter of an inch thick, 7.6 inches tall and 5.1 inches wide. The PlayBook slots into a tough plastic shell, keeping it nice and safe, and there are holes for the micro USB, mini HDMI and docking pins to stay connected.

The volume and power button at the top are covered by the stiff plastic, making them somewhat harder to use but not impossible. A small stand flips out in back to prop the tablet up at a comfortable angle for a comfortable view of the screen while typing.

The keyboard itself is the same physical size as the PlayBook in width and height, but half the thickness. It features a full QWERTY keyboard, albeit with slightly smaller keys than your regular laptop. The keys are responsive and comfortable to type with, as long as you don’t have fat fingers.

How to Charg BlackBerry Mini Keyboard:

Connect your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet charger to the USB port on your BlackBerry Mini Keyboard, and plug the charger into a power outlet. You can continue to use your BlackBerry Mini Keyboard while it charges. When your Mini Keyboard is fully charged, the LED shines green.

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard Touchpad Basics:

  • Mouse left-click: Using one finger, tap the touchpad.
  • Mouse right-click: Using two fingers, simultaneously tap the touchpad.
  • Mouse scroll: Using two fingers, slide your fingers up and down on the touchpad to scroll up or down on a page.

The good: With Convertible Case brings a high-end faux-leather feel and it is a well-designed keyboard for the PlayBook.

The bad: Many of the Mini Keyboard’s premium abilities and on top its high $119 price tag.

The bottom line: The BlackBerry Mini Keyboard is a new accessory for the PlayBook, but is priced way too high.

BlackBerry Mini Keyboard Demonstration Video from YouTube: